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The Hungarian NGO Menedék is behind the project to give reliable and up-to-date information for foreign workers and refugees currently located in Hungary. According to the website, there are 70,000
The Sovereignty Protection Office has recently launched an investigation into footage that has been circulating like wildfire on social media platform X, which shows that Hungarian-born American billionaire George Soros
Alex Soros will be heading the Open Society Foundations from now on, taking the position over from his 92-year-old father, George Soros. In a recent interview, the new chair claimed
Following the results of the 2022 parliamentary election, the American NGO Freedom House decided to downgrade Hungary’s controversial ‘democracy index’ from last year’s report. Meanwhile, Poland’s and Ukraine’s have been
A recent leak of several interviews has shown a glimpse of the political manipulation done by unelected activist networks in Central Europe, but in fact this should be nothing new