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The 2023 elections in Slovakia were looked upon with great anticipation by both the conservative and liberal sides. The stakes were high: whether the Central European country would remain on
One simply cannot put something as complexly different as the Chinese intellectual field onto either the American left–right axis or the West-European ideological taxonomy. Ultimately, the Chinese field is a
‘We are concerned, then, not only with education, but to also with helping people clarify their thoughts and reach the proper conclusions, and also with embodying and institutionalizing a set
‘Gárdonyi was a unique personality, a distinctive Hungarian writer, in both his good qualities and his faults. He cannot be branded or put in a box. He must be seen
‘Whatever form it takes, whatever its emphasis, American exceptionalism does exist, and it is definitely reflected in the attitudes of both ordinary Americans and American politics. It is what American
Conservative member of the House of Lords David Frost touched on a number of important issues in his remarks, including nationalism, Brexit, the COVID lockdowns, and the future of conservatism
Hungarians struggle with the question of whether they feel more oriented to the East or to the West. The tightening grip of the European Union may cause them to think
There is an alternative look at nationalism – as one that is compatible with classical liberalism, which promotes unity within the nation and solidarity with neighbouring countries. 
When it comes to nationalism, as the Israeli public intellectual Yuval Noah Harari says: ‘without nationalism we would be living in “tribal chaos”.’