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Year after year, tens of thousands of Hungarians make a pilgrimage to the Balaton Uplands, considered by many to be the most beautiful Hungarian region. Dear international reader, if you
For nature enthusiasts, a visit to the picturesque shores of Lake Fertő/Neusiedl is an absolute must. The beauty of Lake Fertő and its captivating surroundings has earned it a spot
Kunság, a Hungarian land with a unique history and captivating nature, is a standout destination for tourists with off-the-beaten-track appeal and diverse natural life.
The so-called ‘kurgan’ is dated from the Bronze Age period. Reconstruction efforts have just started to preserve the invaluable relic from the ancient past.
21 March is dedicated to forests worldwide, while 22 March marks World Water Day. To celebrate these two days, we showcase the natural treasures of the Duna-Ipoly National Park, which
Celebrate love in Hungarian nature near the enchanting Ilona Valley Waterfall.
The Balaton Uplands National Park plays an important part in the Veszprém-Balaton project of the European Capital of Culture programmes.
The Aggtelek National Park was the first national park in Hungary to be put under protection for its special geological formations—such as its stalactites and stalagmites that can be found
Ancient Hungarian, protected breeds are raised at Hortobágy, including Racka sheep, Nonius horses and Hungarian Grey Steppe cattle.