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‘Green energy production, storage, utilization, and recycling: this is how the green economy is built, of which Hungary is a leader in the world, not a follower’, Government Commissioner László
Citizen can submit their responses to questions related to 13 important issues ranging from solar panels to reducing utility bills to electromobility.
The analysis highlights that the national consultation once again proved that Brussels, along with the continental and domestic liberal-left, is not in conflict with the Hungarian government but rather with
In his regular Friday morning interview, the Prime Minister stated that there was ‘no money in the world’ that would get Hungary to allow migrants into Hungary and ‘take the
It is important to point out that, despite the extensive media coverage dedicated to the matter, Hungary is not one of the countries with the highest number of infringement proceedings.
Two major British publications have alleged that the Hungarian government’s new billboard campaign promoting its national consultation, which depicts EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen along with Alex Soros,
Fidesz’s communications director István Hollik announced the campaign aiming to promote the government’s national consultation initiative on his social media on 20 November.
In his regular interview on public radio, the Hungarian Prime Minister pledged to defend Hungary’s borders, to resist pressure from Brussels aiming to change his government’s policies, insisted that Ukraine
‘I think that’s why the European Commission does not take the approach with Eurobarometer that the Hungarian government is taking with the National Consultations—because they would realize that Europeans are
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s approach to the Russian-Ukraine war is not Russia-sympathetic, but Hungarian-pragmatic. He has made it clear that Hungary condemns the Russian invasion into Ukraine and stands for Ukrainian