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The New York Times published a profile piece on Hungarian hip hop superstar Attila Baukó, better known by his stage name Azahriah. As the article points out, even Prime Minister
‘Many people have asked me why I don’t devote my time to myself and my family instead of volunteering. The answer is simple: I care about Hungarian families and the
The four-day holiday festival in Hollókő, Hungary will feature traditional Easter festivities such as ‘rattling,’ ‘locsolkodás,’ and egg colouring; as well as professional folk musicians giving live performances. The Old
Péter Eötvös, one of the most renowned composers of Hungary and also a music teacher and conductor, passed away last Sunday, on 24 March at the age of 80. During
The new online jazz radio will be launched on International Jazz Day on 30 April. The radio is named in tribute to one of Hungary’s most esteemed jazz artists, pianist
The autobiography of Tibor Weinzierl titled From Hungary with Love. The Immigrant is not only a written record of a tumultuous life journey of a Hungarian Canadian, then Hungarian American
During the inauguration of the Budapest institution, it was mentioned that the Kodály Workshop’s primary goal is to set an example for young music and singing teachers and make the
In spring, several representatives of the world music genre will visit Müpa, including some who have never been to Hungary before.
The conductor of the concert will be Thomas Sanderling, who has collaborated with masters such as Herbert von Karajan and Leonard Bernstein, while the soloist of the Violin Concerto will
Music is an inalienable part of celebrations, and it is no different at Christmas. But what do Hungarians listen to and sing on this special holiday? We have collected the