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The 2K12 KUB weapon system has been in service in Hungary since the late 1970s; some of the equipment was jointly modernized by the Hungarian and Polish defence industries between
In Scruton’s philosophy…the social practice of legislation and jurisdiction could not be realized outside the national framework, because—regardless to their origins—the interpretation and the enforcement of the set of legal
The famous matyó embroidery is reinterpreted in the Matyodesign studio in Tard.
Sándor Wekerle was born 175 years ago in 1848. While being one of the most remarkable and enlightened Hungarian politicians of the Compromise era, he was largely exiled from history
The daily operation of the Hungarian railways is hampered by profound structural problems. It is not only a lack of sufficient funding but also the absence of a consistent and
In the present circumstances, even the smallest change affecting the Bundeswehr could be the source of prolonged political debates that not only protract the deployment of forces and the acquisition of equipment,
The Hungarian Defence Forces have received the first of the famed German artillery units that are wreaking havoc on the Russian troops in Ukraine. State-of-the-art weaponry is essential to both
While Africa and West Asia have seen a population explosion, the countries of Eastern Europe and East Asia struggle with dwindling populations.