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For years, Hungary has been under regular attack from Brussels for allegedly failing to respect ‘European values’. It is worth examining these values to see if it is in any
The government aims to have the closest possible ties with the motherlands of Hungary’s ethnic communities, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén said, adding that even when there are disagreements, they
Ursula von der Leyen, presenting the report on the expected reforms for the EU accession of Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, as well as the accession prospects for the Western Balkans
The prime minister emphasised that whether there is the possibility of a military resolution or the need for ceasefire and peace negotiations, Hungary stands on the side of peace, therefore
Ferenc Kalmár said that unfortunately, in recent times, there has been regression rather than progress in the issue of national minorities on a global scale, and the Russo-Ukrainian war has
Since 1989, it has been one of Hungary’s main priorities to step up for the protection of the rights of ethnic Hungarians living in nearby countries.