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Most universities grant additional points to applicants for language exams, advanced level exams, sports achievements, and results in academic competitions. However, in the new system, institutions are now able to
Minister of Culture and Innovation János Csák terminated the employment of National Museum Director General László L. Simon on Monday. The director general’s downfall was caused by his inadequate addressing
National Film Institute Director Csaba Káel emphasized in his remarks before the screening that in recent years, Hungary has hosted landmark productions that have established Budapest as the second biggest
The exhibition from the Seoul History Museum in Budapest presents the daily life and holidays of Koreans, as well as the system of values and symbols that permeates their society
The most important feature of the programme announced with a five billion forint budget is that state support will reach innovative startups through incubators. Incubators support early-stage startups in bringing
State Secretary Balázs Hankó discussed recent efforts to strengthen international relationships, prepare for university collaborations, and launch successful applications for international funding in higher education, citing Hungarian Nobel laureates serve
At the academic year opening of Milton Friedman University, State Secretary in charge of higher education Balázs Hankó underscored that Hungarian universities are performing increasingly well amidst intensifying international competition.
Last year there were only 99,000 applicants, and the increase indicates that the higher education system has become more attractive, Minister Csák said.