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Minister of EU Affairs János Bóka of Hungary told reporters in Belgium on Wednesday that the EU’s policy of sending excessive military aid to Ukraine should be critically re-evaluated. The
Pelosi recently gave an interview to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. When asked about Prime Minister Meloni of Italy, she replied that ‘she is doing ok,’ but then contrasted
The military journalist’s charity is sending strictly civilian aid, such batteries, drones, and food, to the 68th Transcarpathian Special Battalion which includes many ethnic Hungarian soldiers fighting on the front.
Tamás Deutsch, during a public radio interview, drew attention to the concerning fact that the EU has been sending billions of Euros in military aid to Ukraine despite its current
The European Peace Facility was posed to transfer €500 million to Ukraine for artillery round purchases, but the aid was blocked by the Hungarian government. The official explanation for
Beijing does not seem to be deterred from aiding Moscow with military supplies despite yet another warning by the Biden administration. China was also unwilling to condemn Russia’s aggression at