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‘It is clear that the unhindered influx of masses of illegal arrivals, aided by criminals, and then the processing of asylum applications within the EU is a failure of failures,’
Islamic terrorism aims to destroy the West, and mass immigration from Muslim countries is the breeding ground for terrorism, Daniele Scalea holds. An interview about the impossibility of assimilation, the
‘If the measure regarding mandatory migrant quotas is adopted, a migrant camp accommodating 20,000 to 30,000 people should be established in Hungary,’ the PM’s Chief Security Advisor told public M1 television.
It appears that the Visegrád Four cooperation is once again revitalising itself along the lines of common interests. The green transition and its impact on industrial investment in Central Europe,
Hungary has spent 650 billion Hungarian forints on the defence of the southern border, the construction and reinforcement of the border fence, and its continuous protection.
While it is unlikely that forced landings in the European Union will become commonplace in the future, they are clearly an effective method of illegal immigration.
The number of successfully or unsuccessfully attempted illegal crossings at EU borders reached 330,000 in 2022, the highest number since 2015. Meanwhile, Denmark and the United Kingdom are pursuing plans