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According to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Hungary will gain significant economic benefits by participating in the transformation of German industry. He believes that both Germans and Hungarians have a vested
The European Court of Justice has ordered Hungary to pay €200 million for ‘failing to respect’ EU law regarding procedures for granting international protection and returning illegally staying non-EU nationals.
Silvana Heißenberg was a renowned actress in Germany until she publicly criticized Angela Merkel’s migration policy. Following this, she was labelled a Nazi, subjected to a smear campaign, and effectively
A few days after an Afghan immigrant killed a policeman with a knife and injured several others in Mannheim, another knife attack has taken place in the German city. This
Since 2013, migration pressure on Europe has become the new normal, and in recent years the situation has once again worsened: 2023 saw the highest number of illegal immigrants reaching
According to former United States ambassador to Budapest David Cornstein, Donald Trump is the only person in the world who can bring an end to the Russo⁠–⁠Ukrainian war. Cornstein also
While the largest German paper Bild took a sympathetic tone toward refugees back in 2015, that has since changed. On 29 October, they published a 50-point anti-migration manifesto in which
The sincerity of the concerns of Belgian politicians about Hungary’s Child Protection Act is cast into doubt by the fact that, according to statistics published by the Belgian police, forced