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In order for both sides to live in harmony with each other, the Palestinians must first, as with other Islamic countries, acknowledge that Israel is an independent and sovereign
While both sides had agreed to halt the fighting, each warned the other that it would respond with force to any violence.
Progressives, with their unnatural policies, seek to separate Western civilisation from its Christian roots.
The meeting with the Saudis was, as per the title of Karen Elliot House’s The Wall Street Journal article: ‘worse than an embarrassment’.
Last week Pope Francis made an Apostolic pilgrimage to Canada to apologise for the Catholic Church’s cooperation with Canada’s ‘catastrophic’ policy of Indigenous residential schools.
In order to better understand Machiavelli, one should not just read The Prince. One must examine all of his works, and do so specifically within the context of the socio-political
Salutati’s humanism, focused on the continuity or discontinuity between ethics and politics became the civic turning point of the humanistic spiritual and philosophical reinterpretation of Cicero’s political tenets that would
What classifies Petrarch as a humanist was his belief that secular literature and philosophy could enlighten all men and bring about an end to, what Flavio Biondi called, the darker
Today marks the 246th anniversary of American colonists declaring their independence from the British Crown, the day when, as an independent and sovereign nation, the United States of America proclaimed
While the Court’s decision is a watershed moment for unborn children to have their inherent right to life protected, NGOs like the United Nations still insist a mother is entitled to ending her