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Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, has recently published his latest book, The War on the West. The book highlights the relentless attempts to undermine and morally
On Tuesday Kansas voted on an amendment that was supposed to remove abortion rights protections from its state constitution. The majority of Kansans rejected the amendment in a referendum that
Today, on 2 August we remember the victims of the Romani Genocide, the Porajmos.
On 21 July, Minister Péter Szijjártó announced a HUF 400 billion expansion investment at Mercedes-Benz’s factory in Kecskemét.
For decades gratitude payments were a permanent ill of the Hungarian healthcare system. Informal payments overshadowed doctor-patient relations as they were unethical, and they also disadvantaged the least fortunate. As
The most recent leaks to The Guardian reveal how Uber organised secret meetings, lobbied politicians and paid academics to promote its business. The scandal has reached several high ranking politicians
Disinformation, fake news or active measures to ideologically subvert the Western world – 38 years ago a former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov exposed Soviet techniques to ideologically undermine the Western
Given the debates over abortion in the United States, it is worth reviewing Hungary’s situation, where abortions have considerably decreased in the last ten years without any change in the
2022-2023 is dedicated to the bicentenary of Hungary’s greatest national poet, Sándor Petőfi. He is one of the internationally best-known Hungarian poets and the most influential representative of Hungarian Romanticism.
How did feminism which was predicated on pursuing the equality of women disconnect from those it was supposed to serve?