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Russia held its first three-day-long presidential election between 15⁠–⁠17 March 2024; 7 May marked the previous cabinet’s last day in office. The new appointments in the Russian cabinet are significant
‘The vestiges of Cold War thinking continue to linger on, with the fear of a hypothetical Russia–West conflict escalating into a war that ends civilization imprinted on our minds so
After the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, all large Russian opposition media outlets were forced to leave the country. Notwithstanding their dire situation, some of them could nonetheless retain
No surprises expected: the Kremlin is preparing for the 2024 presidential elections with hand-picked candidates and restrictions.
Trans-Dniester in Moldova is considered to be Russia’s next target for invasion by the intelligence communities of multiple countries. Meanwhile, there has been social unrest is the capital city of
The war in Ukraine has been ravaging European economy for the past year. Marking the recent one-year anniversary of the invasion, this article looks at the economic sanctions imposed upon
Shortly after the uncovered plot to destabilise Moldova, Russian missiles violated the country’s airspace.
Instead of testing Russia’s willingness to allow the crossing of what for now are soft red lines, the West should start thinking about how peace could be achieved.
Moldova, the small Eastern European country that has been divided ever since it declared its independence from the USSR in 1991, has now criminalised separatism.
During the European Council summit on Thursday, EU leaders welcomed the Ukrainian president to Brussels, showing support for the West’s ally as Ukraine gets ready for an anticipated Russian offensive.