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Serbia’s Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister, Miloš Vučević, expressed gratitude for Hungary’s consistent support for Serbia’s path to European Union membership. He emphasized the strategic partnership and an
Major General László Sticz, who took over the post on 1 January, told M1 that NATO’s KFOR mission had a Hungarian commander in 2021. ‘Now a Hungarian general has been
In an interview with Hungarian political daily Magyar Nemzet, Chief of the General Staff Gábor Böröndi highlighted the new capabilities Hungary is contributing to NATO’s collective defence, and the extent
‘Despite their injuries, the Hungarian soldiers have shown brave commitment, and many of those who were able to do so have already returned to their posts,’ the Hungarian defence minister
The clashes began on Friday and continued on Monday morning as a result of ongoing unrest following the recent elections, where ethnic Albanian politicians won mayorships. Confrontations broke out between
Hungary has always been on the side of peace, but the country needs strength and preparation for its defence, and it must participate in peace-supporting operations within the framework of