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The notion of law reached new heights in the thirteenth century with Aquinas. Building upon the jurisprudence of the father of canon law, Gratian, who synthesized and harmonized the works of
In Scruton’s philosophy…the social practice of legislation and jurisdiction could not be realized outside the national framework, because—regardless to their origins—the interpretation and the enforcement of the set of legal
In an interview with Italian public television, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó stated that he is appalled by how the Italian media has presented the Salis case, portraying the Antifa
The inherent dilemma regarding the rules of engagement in a just war is that they tend to become either vague or restrictive when military operations fail to achieve victory or
In the Hungarian memory, the Rákos assemblies have become a symbol of the freedom of the Hungarian nobility. The diets in Rákos, as well as the assemblies held in Pressburg
In response to a query by Breitbart, the US State Department has confirmed that Gonzalo Lira is still detained in a Ukrainian prison. Lira is a Chilean–American citizen journalist who
At a conference on Monday, Justice Minister Judit Varga assured everyone that the separation between the judiciary and executive power is enshrined in law in Hungary. She also opined that
Péter Polt was unanimously voted to serve as vice president of the European network of public prosecutors. The 2025 NADAL Network conference will be held in Budapest as well.
The investigation of communist crimes and the bringing of perpetrators to justice may give closure to the families of the victims. Some argue, however, that tearing up old wounds may