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As a closing thought of his lecture, Dr Peterson explained that a central unifying spirit connects the biblical stories he had cited, and if we get into a proper relationship
‘While, as we can see, more and more Western governments support the over-sexualisation of children with LGTBQ programmes, Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga filed a counterclaim with the Court of
In a recent discussion with British-born demographer and documentary filmmaker Stephen J. Shaw, Peterson listed Hungarian family-supporting policies as the only known example of a government-issued incentive programme that has
Although strongly committed to free speech, in some sense, Musk has been even more rigorous than his predecessors in terms of content moderation. Back in November, it was reported that
As opposed to his homeland, Canada, where Dr Jordan Peterson is being threatened with the withdrawal of his licence, Hungarian President Katalin Novák awarded him with the civilian class of