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The John von Neumann Computer Society’s HCC Retro Microcomputer Division’s competition yielded a series of intriguing submissions, including games and demos. The aim was to resurrect the legendary Hungarian Homelab-3
The exhibition titled School Computers — The Emergence of Digital Culture in Public Education will be on display from March to 1 May in Túrkeve, at the Pál Vadász Exhibition
At the Central European Olympiad in Informatics held in Germany István Ádám Molnár from the Földes Ferenc Secondary School in Miskolc and Bernát Tarján from the Veres Péter Secondary School
From 15–21 July, students from 52 countries around the world participated in the EGOI held in Lund, Sweden. Similar to other informatics Olympiads such as CEOI and IOI, the contestants
Following their successful performance at the European Championship, Hungarian students also proved themselves at the RoboCup Junior world championship held in Bordeaux, France.
This year, the Hungarian academic community commemorates the hundred and twentieth anniversary of the birth of the second ‘Martian’ scientist, John von Neumann, with a variety of events, publications, and