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‘In the past year, reasonable and realistic laws and fair regulations were enacted based on the proposals and requests of the Hungarian hunting community,’ the Deputy Prime Minister stated, who
Agriculture Minister István Nagy of Hungary met with his Chinese counterpart, Ma Youxiang, to discuss closer cooperation efforts between the two countries.
‘If we disrupt the triple unity of competitiveness, preserving the quality of our created world, and ensuring food security, then the system will not be sustainable. Farmer protests draw attention
During the discourse, both the former head of state and the minister underscored the multifaceted ecosystem of arable lands, emphasizing that without the presence of fungi, bacteria, and other organisms,
At the exhibition organized in collaboration with the National Hungarian Beekeeping Association, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy emphasized that currently only 0.1 per cent of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy
In a radio interview, Minister István Nagy alleged that the European Commission was serving the interest of ‘US, Saudi, and Dutch companies and investors’ with their controversial decision, and not
The Hungarian Jewish leaders and the Israeli Prime Minister discussed issues of Jewish communal life in Hungary and the events that may accompany the possible relocation of the Hungarian embassy
After meeting with his Bulgarian, Slovak and Romanian counterparts to coordinate their joint stance on the extension of the ban on Ukrainian grain imports, István Nagy stated in a video
The incompetence of the European Commission has caused enormous damage to the European farmer society. The huge quantity and uncontrolled flow of low-quality Ukrainian grain into the EU may even
The total amount of EU funds approved by the Commission is €100 million, which is to be distributed among the five member states most affected by the glut of tariff-free