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‘Hungary insists on following its own path: it stands up for its sovereignty, it defends families, its borders, and its economy. At the same time, it is open to the world, and wants
About 5 per cent of the Hungarian GDP is generated by the auto industry, therefore, initially, the EU’s decision to ban the sale of all new combustion-engine cars in 2035
According to Minister of Construction and Transport János Lázár, in the new Hungarian settlement type of the 21st century the countryside merges with the metropolis.
After it was tragically blown up during World War II, the complete restoration of today’s Petőfi Bridge took more than seven years. It was handed over at last on 22
At the inauguration ceremony of a new wing of a school building in Mór, Fejér County, minister of state for Public Education Zoltán Maruzsa stated that ‘the schools of tomorrow