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‘Communist-inspired wokeness, under the pretension to promote ‘anti-racism’, has not only captivated university campuses and social media, but it has also infiltrated the mindset in the workplace, in both the
According to the report published by Amnesty International, the pro-family policy introduced by the Prime Minister is contrary to human rights, as it discriminates against individuals from the LGBT community
‘There will never be a full-proof manner in individualizing who within a Muslim community is a terrorist. At the same time, doing absolutely nothing, like the elite in Brussels does,
‘The best interests of children are not served by turning education into this battleground over values and this instrumental way of solving problems in society. Because as you do that,
In other words, this book is an indoctrination of the LGTBQ+ lifestyle aimed at children with the intention to destroy their childhood in the most deceitful and perverse manner.