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The International Network for Immigration Research has been just inaugurated by the Mathias Corvinus Collegium. The network will allow research centres across multiple countries to coordinate research and share findings
‘It is one of history’s great ironies that Budapest, from which hundreds of thousands of European Jews were shipped to their deaths by the Nazis and their Hungarian collaborators, Jews
Europe’s population could shrink from 742 million to just 586 million by 2100, and our share of the world’s population could fall from nine to 5.6 per cent. Of course,
In an interview with Fox News Digital, Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó praised the Trump era initiatives at the Southern border of the United States, likening it to the
In the Eastern Hungarian city of Debrecen, Jobbik parliamentary group leader László Lukács criticized the Orbán administration for the number of foreign workers being allowed in the country.
Boris Palmer was once a wunderkind of Germany’s Greens, but his controversial takes on migration and cancel culture have forced him out of his party. His appearance at one of
The unidentified woman from Africa has been living in Hungary since 2003, after receiving legal refugee status from the government. However, suspicions of a false identity led to an investigation,
In recent years, the number of German citizens moving to Hungary permanently, not only for holiday, study or work, has been increasing. The motives behind this phenomenon are often personal,
Her first trip to Texas was motivated by the desire to ‘strengthen cooperation among conservatives across continents,’ the justice minister said, stressing that ‘We need to make friendships, get to
The Christian Democratic Union in Germany has shifted to the left in recent years, which does not seem to be working out for them, while the far-right has got stronger.