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The autobiography of Tibor Weinzierl titled From Hungary with Love. The Immigrant is not only a written record of a tumultuous life journey of a Hungarian Canadian, then Hungarian American
An interview with US geopolitical analyst and Visiting Fellow at the Danube Institute Carlos Roa on the challenges of the EU, keystone states, the dangers of decoupling, and the ideological
The columnist argues that, despite the best efforts of the liberal elite in the media to convince them otherwise, Americans widely disapprove of President Biden’s economic and immigration policies, which
The book is extremely valuable in many aspects, for instance because it sheds light on the complex structure of the Hungarian immigrant society as well as of those of the
When arguing against stricter immigration laws, some on the left like to appeal to the significance of migration in American history. However, the truth is that there has never been
For years, Hungary has been under regular attack from Brussels for allegedly failing to respect ‘European values’. It is worth examining these values to see if it is in any
The participants of the conference agreed to hold regular meetings to assess migration processes, said President of the Visegrád Four and Interior Minister of the Czech Republic Vít Rakušan in
The International Network for Immigration Research has been just inaugurated by the Mathias Corvinus Collegium. The network will allow research centres across multiple countries to coordinate research and share findings
‘It is one of history’s great ironies that Budapest, from which hundreds of thousands of European Jews were shipped to their deaths by the Nazis and their Hungarian collaborators, Jews
Europe’s population could shrink from 742 million to just 586 million by 2100, and our share of the world’s population could fall from nine to 5.6 per cent. Of course,