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Vox has broken its regional coalition agreements with the Popular Party (PP) in five regions, something that no other party has ever done in the history of Spanish democracy, as
‘The left and progressives are following the same strategy everywhere in Europe. Scholz, in 2023, said he hoped to naturalize two million immigrants and soften the immigration law to attract
‘The Agreement on the EU–Türkiye Statement regarding the Migration Deal is considered a turning point in EU–Türkiye relations, as it divided opinions on whether it had been worth entering into
Suspects in Debrecen, Hungary are being investigated for allegedly counterfeiting work permits for foreign workers, the Ministry for National Economy announced in a public statement.
Following the meeting with Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, Szijjártó disclosed that consultations have begun to ensure the success of Hungary’s rotating EU presidency in the latter half of 2024.
‘The real crisis is neither at the US-Mexican nor at the European borders. Instead, it stems from Central America. Crime, violence, corruption, and economic devastation in the region have propelled