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Exactly 200 years ago, on 1 January 1823, Sándor Petőfi, perhaps the most famous Hungarian poet, was born. To this day, he is such a dominant figure in Hungarian literature
In the last days of World War I, dissatisfied soldiers in Budapest revolted against the establishment, demanding Hungary’s independence and democratisation. Their uprising, the Aster Revolution is known to be
To commemorate the 66th anniversary of the Hungarian revolt against Russian occupiers, Niagara Falls was painted red, white and green to honour the freedom fighters’ memory.
Today Hungary remembers the heroes of the Revolution and Freedom Fight of 1956. The events of the revolution are a testimony to Hungary’s thirst for freedom and self-governance, but
While the Polish October enabled Poland to support Hungary in its revolutionary struggle, Budapest was inspired by Poland to revolt.
6 October is a National Day of Mourning in Hungary remembering the Thirteen Martyrs of Arad who made the ultimate sacrifice for Hungary’s freedom and independence after the defeat of
The 1848-49 Revolution and Freedom Fight fundamentally changed the course of Hungarian history, and it remains the core of Hungarian national identity to this day.