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MP Fekete-Győr was convicted of assault on a public official, for throwing a smoke grenade at police officers at a 2018 protest. István Hollik of the ruling Fidesz party has
While the new liberal government in Poland has brought the country to the brink of a constitutional crisis within a month, Hungarian MP Márton Tompos from the leftist Momentum party
In the year 2023, a political mechanism was broken in Hungary: even downturns and runaway inflation could not dramatically alter the balance of political power.
European debates tend to ignore the fact that Hungarian politics—sometimes peculiar and certainly unusual to many Western observers—is not meant to curb liberties or enable oppression but, on the contrary,
The spring session of Parliament began on Monday. The Prime Minister stated that the Hungarian government is on the side of peace, and pointed out that peace is also the
Many politicians from smaller and less successful opposition parties have transferred to DK since the last election in April 2022. The reshuffling of old faces, however, is unlikely to bring