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The 15-year-old boy was allegedly tied to a radiator naked while the other gymnasts were chanting ‘ungure, ungure,’ meaning ‘Hungarian, Hungarian’ in English. It is unclear if legal action will
While conservative ethnic Hungarians mainly stood behind Alliance candidate Krisztián Forró, a significant part of the liberal camp either stayed away from the polls or voted for the liberal–progressive Slovak
Géza Szőcs, a Transylvanian Hungarian poet, writer, public intellectual and politician, who resisted the oppression of the Romanian communist dictatorship, was born exactly 70 years ago today.
What does the lower reach of the River Garam mean to Hungarians? For some, it is just a region of the Uplands, for others, a beautiful, wide, flat, and fertile
After a local-level decision ordered the removal of Hungarian national flags from school buildings in Transcarpathian settlements, MFA State Secretary Tamás Menczer demanded that the measure be revoked.