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The European Parliamentary election is taking place next month, and our print magazine has just released a special issue all about the major political event. Among other excellent pieces we
‘The way PM Orbán has redefined Hungarian identity and sought to maintain, develop and foster relationships with Hungarians who were dispossessed of their homeland in the Treaty of Trianon is
In our new print issue, among other eminent authors and fascinating topics, Carlos Roa covers the BRICS nations’ efforts to dethrone the US dollar as the number one global reserve
Building on the hard-earned trust of our readers, we are planning on introducing even more interactive and focused content in 2024—from evolving regional and global geopolitical dynamics to the European
The brand new edition of our magazine features a piece by Miklós Szánthó, director general of the Center for Fundamental Rights, who wrote about the subversive nature and history of
Tony Abbott, who served as the Prime Minister of Australia between 2013 and 2015, will be joining the line-up of guest lecturers of the Budapest-based think tank the Danube Institute
The brand new edition of our magazine features articles by Hungarian MP and Fidesz party founder Zsolt Németh, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and Uppsala University professor Maria Engström;
Our readers’ top five and the editorial team’s top five articles of 2022 covered a wide range of topics, from political analyses and film reviews to the discussion of the
At a debate hosted by Hungarian Conservative, political scientist András Körösényi, conservative historian of political thought Attila Károly Molnár and political philosopher Ferenc Hörcher explored the relationship between conservative principles
In the second part of our article questions about the ultimate objectives of the West, the stability of President Putin as a leader, and the issue of post-war reparations are