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Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, a Széchenyi Prize winning Hungarian American psychologist, is best known for his theory of ‘flow’, a mental state that is the key to a harmonious and contented life.
The Hungarian Science Festival has been organized since 2003, commemorating the fact that on 3 November 1825, István Széchenyi offered one year’s income from his estates to establish the Society
The question of a language strategy, and the need thereof, are important and highly debated topics in linguistics these days. Linguist, university professor Géza Balázs contributes to this debate with
State Secretary Balázs Hankó discussed recent efforts to strengthen international relationships, prepare for university collaborations, and launch successful applications for international funding in higher education, citing Hungarian Nobel laureates serve
Ferenc Krausz, one of the recipients of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics, credits his enduring passion for physics to his early education in Hungary. His journey from those early
Among the physics Nobel laureates, we can now welcome another Hungarian-born scientist, Ferenc Krausz. The researcher, holding both Hungarian and Austrian citizenship, resides in Germany, where he serves as the
The Transcarpathian-Hungarian mathematician left the teacher’s pulpit behind to volunteer for the Ukrainian military.
The half-century of Loránd Eötvös’ active years not only reflects the incredible intellectual richness of a single human life but has also left an indelible mark on the history of
The liberal faction of the Hungarian Psychiatric Association engaged in a power game against editor-in-chief at Psychiatria Hungarica Tamás Tényi, who wanted to publish an essay critical of gender theory
Today, on the Day of Hungarian Science, we not only celebrate the achievements of individual Hungarian scientists, but also the accomplishments of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences that was founded