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The illegal migrants were found crammed inside the vehicle in the north-western part of Hungary. Human smuggling charges were brought against the driver.
The conflict most likely broke out between a group of migrants and an organized human smuggler group. It went on for hours into the early morning, terrifying the residents of
According to data provided by the Slovak Ministry of the Interior, the number of illegal migrants arriving in Slovakia through the Western Balkans route began to significantly increase in August
Multiple reports have confirmed that there were a number of incidents at the Serbian-Hungarian border in the past weeks with automatic weapons being fired and brandished by human smugglers.
The PM drew attention to the fact that Hungary spends over two billion euros to protect the Schengen Zone from illegal immigrants. ‘We haven’t received a single cent from Brussels.
According to Bence Rétvári, the voluntary quota introduced earlier has proved unsuccessful, so Brussels now wants to forcefully distribute migrants. He added that if Hungary refuses to comply, it may
Hungary has spent 650 billion Hungarian forints on the defence of the southern border, the construction and reinforcement of the border fence, and its continuous protection.
‘The real crisis is neither at the US-Mexican nor at the European borders. Instead, it stems from Central America. Crime, violence, corruption, and economic devastation in the region have propelled
Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Schallenberg announced on Monday that his ministry would summon the Hungarian ambassador. Regarding the release of human smugglers by the Budapest administration, Schallenberg stated
According to Frontex, the number of illegal border crossings has reached a record level, increasing by 292 percent on the Mediterranean route between January and April compared to the same