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The Central Statistical Office released its data for the month of November 2023. The press release pointed out that the number of employed individuals reached 4,736,000 in Hungary.
Based on the latest data, nearly 4.8 million people are employed in Hungary, and the unemployment rate stands at 3.8 per cent, well below the EU average. The data reflects
Government Commissioner for the Development of Modern Settlements Alpár Gyopáros stated that when the programme started, village medical practice premises and their medical equipment were outdated, and there was a
Since 2010, the government has been working towards achieving full employment and building a labour-based economy. Compared to 2010, one million more people are now employed in Hungary, and the
Government Commissioner responsible for the development of modern settlements Alpár Gyopáros underscored that the government has carried out over two thousand development projects related to healthcare services, including the renovation
The minister recalled that the Factory Rescue Programme was launched by the government following the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, to enable domestic companies to strengthen their independence from
Navracsics reminded that Hungary is to receive 14 trillion Hungarian forints in cohesion funds for the 2021-2027 EU budget cycle. Of this amount, 4 trillion forints have already been received
The Career Orientation Measurement and Support Tool (POM) can be accessed on the website of the Education Office. On the online platform, students can complete various questionnaires, and based on
The Hungarian employment rate of 74.6 per cent exceeds the EU average. In addition, Hungary also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU, 3.9 per cent, according
Deputy State Secretary Péter Szilágyi reminded that the government-sponsored Mentor Programme aiming to train and organise ethnic Hungarian entrepreneurs, has been implemented in the Carpathian Basin since 2019, with the