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His explosive claim that MCC ‘funds academics who disseminate Orbán’s positions’ is as unoriginal as it is untrue. In my over two years of experience with MCC—ten months of which
The deepening of cultural dialogue can be the solution to the domestic tensions in France, Hungarian Institute of International Affairs Gladden Pappin told the audience at a roundtable discussion titled
As an example of Christian-based politics, the President presented the elements and principles of Hungarian family policy. She highlighted that it is not the state’s role to tell anyone how
In preparing for the tumultuous years to come, a strong emphasis on developing and training native talent, and raising up a generation of leaders capable of serving their country well,
On Day 2 of MCC’s ‘The Future of Publishing’ conference, a panel consisting of Israeli influencer Yair Netanyahu, German journalist Roland Tichy and Megafon founder István Gergely Kovács discussed the