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The best days of the period between the two world wars are evoked by Art Deco Budapest, a new exhibition in the Hungarian National Gallery.
It is a key and unique fact that the existing county system of Hungary continues to bear the signs of the state organization efforts of Saint Stephen.
Did you know that Elizabeth II is a descendant of the Hungarian conqueror Árpád — of the female branches?
The kind of honest, pure, original shock and indignation of when we are cast into this world, start to become familiar with it, and find ourselves facing an injustice on
The Hungarian Museum of Ethnography moves to a building custom-designed for it for the first time in its one-hundred-and-fifty-year history. The new building in the Hungarian capital is one of
The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest presents a new, exciting exhibition of the enigmatic works of the renowned Dutch painter of the late Middle Ages. This is one the
The Hungarian Golden Bull, similarly to corresponding Western regulations at the time, provided a basis for a very early version of democracy and constitutionality.
‘The House of Terror Museum has succeeded in celebrating the resistance of the Hungarian nation, and the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom we enjoy today.’
‘Complex simplicity’, was the catch-phrase picked by a critic to sum up the work of the Japanese architect, and this complex simplicity is indeed manifested in the House of Music,
This is Budapest: a big city that dreamed and then built for itself a colourful past during the last decades of the old world, in those final moments before the