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‘Since the European Union currently refuses to contribute to the financing, Brussels has lost any right to intervene in where Central European countries, including Hungary, source their natural gas from,’
‘Hungarian-Serbian strategic energy cooperation is one of the guarantees that Hungary’s supply will remain secure in the next period,’ the minister said.
The foreign minister emphasised right after winter, ‘in Europe, it is fashionable to strut about with great bravado these days,’ but the International Energy Agency recently issued an ‘ominous’ report
With the expansion of the nuclear plant at Paks, the gas consumption of Hungary could be reduced to half.
The rashly introduced sanctions due to the raging war might push the European Union into a food crisis.
While the initial European position on the Russian energy threats seemed like a unanimous ‘No’, now – without no apparent short-term alternatives – more and more countries prepare to pay
The agreement, which came into force on 1 October 2021, was signed by Russian Gazprom and Hungarian MVM group during Alexey Miller’s visit to Hungary, and will guarantee Hungary’s energy