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Balázs Orbán observes that Brussels believes it is in the interest of European countries for the Russo-Ukrainian war to continue or possibly escalate. Hungary, on the other hand, is of
The payment would come as part of the Union’s RepowerEU plan, aimed to help Member States transition to green energy, thus would not come from the €36 billion of COVID
The government aims to have the closest possible ties with the motherlands of Hungary’s ethnic communities, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén said, adding that even when there are disagreements, they
Oleksii Arestovych, a former advisor to the Ukrainian president recently announced his candidacy for the Ukrainian presidency, the election for which is scheduled to happen in 2024—however, due to the
In the statement, the MEPs said that the four left-wing groupings of the EP held a joint press conference on Monday at which Germany’s Green MEP Daniel Freund and Hungary’s
The building complex, designed by acclaimed Hungarian architect and designer Károly Kós and housing the most important Hungarian cultural institution beyond Hungary’s borders, will reopen on 26 October.
The minister explained that the negotiations’ next phase, according to plans, will commence this Thursday. The goal of the government is to start the financing of EU projects as soon
Hungary will not decide on any further funding for arms or anything related to Ukraine until it receives ‘a detailed, clear account of how the approximately 50-70 billion euros sent
OSF pulling out of the continent is good news for sovereigntist governments, but it may be too early to rejoice.
From September onwards, the Rákóczi Association will operate 58 school buses in Transylvania, helping more than 720 ethnic Hungarian children reach school in 48 settlements. The operation of the buses