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According to MCC Brussels Director Frank Füredi, it is crucial to intellectually empower children, and if the quality of teaching does not improve in classrooms, the future of education
According to Professor Bill Durodié, the report’s author, many questions in the Eurobarometer surveys primarily revolve around respondents’ perceptions of the European Union, its institutions, policies, and direction, and the
The MCC Budapest Peace Forum featured 70 speakers, 35 foreign experts from 20 different countries. Academics, public figures, and famed experts all took a stand for the importance of
According to the famed sociology scholar, the woke left is engaged in a ‘systematic attempt to detach our communities from the legacy of the past.’
Chris Rufo also issued a warning to his Budapest audience: just because CRT would not fit in the Hungarian historical context, does not mean it cannot be successfully propagated here,
In a controversial move, the character of Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is no longer referred to as ‘fat’, but rather, ‘enormous’; Mrs Twist in The Twists
It is our belief that the Western liberal elite’s irrational hatred of Hungary’s political culture is driven by a deeply entrenched sense of insecurity regarding its own legitimacy.