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Many people of faith have taken to X to share their appreciation for the 20 August displays of religious imagery at the fireworks and lights show. They include Dutch political
Our nation marked the 1023rd anniversary of the foundation of its state. Celebratory events were held all across the country, from Esztergom to Debrecen, with the greatest festivities taking place
As every year, the Cake of Hungary is selected ahead of August 20, with those attending the holiday events being the first to taste the creations of Hungary’s best pastry
The Operative Board, which was in charge of ensuring that the festivities ran safely, made the decision to postpone the fireworks show in Hungary on August 20 as a result
An announcement was made yesterday that the fireworks will be postponed as a precautionary measure. A responsible decision from a responsible government. This was not always so—in the year 2006,