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The Ratha-yātrā Chariot Festival will be held for the 28th time in Budapest this Saturday; it will later merge with the India Festival held in City Park on the same
Azahriah will be the first Hungarian singer in a long time to perform in the pre-headlining slot. The young talent recently filled the Puskás Arena three times in a row,
Organized in celebration of Earth Day, the three-day festival offers a rich programme of activities and experiences related to environmental and nature conservation.
This year’s Sziget Festival will take place from 7 to 12 August. Among the headliners announced on Wednesday is American singer Halsey, who has already received three Billboard Music Awards,
Discussions will be held in foreign languages, with interpretation provided for the audience by the organizers. Books by the authors will also be available for purchase on the spot, with
Among the nominees for Category B of the New European Bauhaus Prize there is a Hungarian project titled Cooperative Ownership for Communities. It aims to create a multifunctional space by
MITEM and the grand theatrical Olympics have opened a new chapter in cultural diplomacy. Entering its second decade, the meeting bears witness to cohesion, mutual respect, interest, the enriching power
The Budapest Architecture Film Festival is held between 7 and 10 March at the Toldi Cinema. This year’s motto, People Behind, highlights the numerous and passionate creative individuals who work
The exhibition titled What Does the Cziffra File Conceal? — The Emigrant Pianist: György Cziffra and State Security, open until 14 September at the Historical Archives of the State Security
At the event, visitors will have a chance to acquaint themselves with various dances across different age groups, engage in dance houses, enjoy stage performances, browse through the folk art