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Issues concerning the phenomenon of transgender women competing against biological women in sports were discussed at this event.
Khanna connects the various issues weighing on our minds at the beginning of the twenty-first century: climate change, global warming, water stress, and mass migration. And to the question ‘where
The discussion focused on the current energy crisis, in the context of the recent Hungarian and French elections and the Russian-Ukrainian war. The panelists also provided an expert analysis of
‘President Macron will surely do whatever he can to hold as much influence and power within the European Union as he can, that more often than not will mean efforts
Evaluating the past and projecting scenarios for the future is especially important at a time when the V4 countries experience one of the greatest challenges to their alliance since its
Emmanuel Macron wants to incorporate the whole of the continent into Paris’ plans for Europe, which was already a cornerstone of President De Gaulle’s vision as well.
What did this enhanced French-German cooperation mean for the Visegrád countries, and what might the future hold for the two coalitions in the European Union?