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Minister Gulyás announced that the maximum amount of the childbirth incentive loan (Babaváró hitel) will increase to 11 million forints. This change will come into effect in 2024 and will
21 May was designated National Defence Day in 1992 because it was on this day that Hungarian soldiers recaptured the Buda Castle after a three-week siege at the end of
The State Secretary said that since 2010, every year has been the year of families in Hungary. He added that the family support programmes in the country are still work
Ágnes Hornung reminded that the government has expanded and enhanced the family support system year after year to facilitate childbearing, child-raising, home-building, and work alongside child-raising, all with the aim
As part of the 15 March celebrations in Hungary, many venues will offer an abundance of programmes free of charge for their visitors.