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The editorial staff believes this is an expression of political bias, and was motivated by the upcoming European Parliamentary elections next year. The last piece of their content flagged by
‘Most importantly, Facebook is a Western company, and we are a Western-style democracy. Facebook’s ideology is basically liberal democracy, as is ours—although the Hungarian Government takes issue with this and
Lajos Ódor, who was appointed Prime Minister by the President of Slovakia in May in the midst of a political crisis, made some statements in a public discussion at a
A large portion of the 15–39-year-olds polled by MCC’s Youth Research Institute shares their political opinions on the internet, and many of them had the experience of being banned for
Two major pieces of news broke in the last couple of days involving Former US President Donald Trump. On Friday, he posted to his Facebook and YouTube accounts for the
Facebook’s parent company was found to be in the wrong for not giving its users the option of signing up without agreeing to personalised ads.
As a result of this omnipotent power, Facebook can influence votes, stock exchange rates, and the way of thinking of entire generations.