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Year after year, tens of thousands of Hungarians make a pilgrimage to the Balaton Uplands, considered by many to be the most beautiful Hungarian region. Dear international reader, if you
Minister of Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó highlighted the natural mutual understanding between Qatar and Hungary as countries with patriotic governments focused on asserting national interests.
A total of 328 metric tonnes of litter has been picked throughout the 11 competitions held so far, 6.1 tonnes this year alone. Floating down the Tisza River in rafts
Manna Forest Garden provides the family with vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices, while it also benefits nature. Magyar Krónika asked Zsuzsi Mag, the owner and the leader of the
Albeit wrongly associated with the political left most of the time, green philosophy is integral to conservatism too. The late, great Roger Scruton believes that environmental protection should be based
The teams are going to visit Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. The goal of the visits is to raise awareness and emphasise that stricter regulations are required in the
The Hungarian President emphasised at the HLM on the review of the Sendai Framework in New York that despite Hungary being rather small, it always rushes to the aid of
The minister held talks with ministers and was part of an energy conference panel discussion, where he emphasised the importance of renewable energy, electric vehicles and nuclear power.
‘If in the coming years, the world cannot transition to electric-based transportation, then all environmental goals, climate goals, and green objectives will remain naïve illusions,’ Péter Szijjártó explained at the
Romania has joined Budapest in criticising some of Kyiv’s policies. Bucharest has raised ecological concerns over Ukraine’s plan to continue to dredge the Danube Delta to increase its volume