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The Hungarian Theatre Society (MTT) admitted the Szabadka National Theatre and the Viharsarok Dance Theatre into its ranks, increasing its membership to 90. The assembly approved the society’s 2023 balance
At the height of his popularity, ‘shock jock’ Howard Stern was known for having porn actors perform sex acts on his show and routinely engaged in racial humour, even saying
Conservative investor Nelson Peltz was trying to get new members elected to the board of directors at the 3 April shareholders meeting and thus steer the company away from their
‘That is a sophisticated system of spreading propaganda. Had anything like that ever happened in Hungary, we would be sure to hear from international media watchdog groups and politicians from
Kristóf Deák’s 2022 crime drama was awarded in the Audience Choice Award for Best Feature category at the Stony Brook Film Festival. The director has won an Academy Award as
Several baths will offer discounted entry fees and extended opening hours to accommodate those who want to swim and party, with some locations even staying open until three in the
Foky was a pioneer in stop-motion animation. His best-known works are the award-winning short Babfilm (Pea Film, 1975), Mirr-Murr kandúr kalandjai (The Adventures of Mirr-Murr the Tomcat, 1972–1972), and, of