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Here in Hungary, few people know the name of Baroness Éva Kohner, but in professional circles, she is well known, as her work, particularly her research on the effects of, online since last Thursday, provides useful information and digital assistance in administrative tasks for those looking to resettle in Hungary after living abroad.
The Hazaváró (Welcoming Home) offices will offer not only information but also streamline various administrative processes for returnees, including matters related to pension payments, degree recognition, starting a business,
Faludy, one of the greatest Hungarian poets and literary translators of the 20th century, never really found his place in any system; he sooner or later became a nuisance to
More and more French choose to emigrate to Central-Eastern European countries because they perceive them as safe and offering a better quality of life, according to a study by the
Paradoxically, Communist Béla Kun and the contemporary nationalist racists had more in common in terms of their views than the Communist leader had with the social-democratic and the left-leaning bourgeois