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The university’s public statement recalled that since 2019, researchers have been conducting excavations near the Transylvanian village of Valiora. Their findings include numerous bones from vertebrates that lived at the
The state secretary articulated the vital goal that the number of university graduates among the Hungarian diaspora should exceed their representation within their respective countries, with universities becoming cultural hubs
The effectiveness of the Hungarian-developed candidate drug has been confirmed by numerous studies conducted on various human cancer cell lines, and animal experiments on hormone-independent aggressive breast cancer models also
Ferenc Krausz, one of the recipients of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics, credits his enduring passion for physics to his early education in Hungary. His journey from those early
Among the physics Nobel laureates, we can now welcome another Hungarian-born scientist, Ferenc Krausz. The researcher, holding both Hungarian and Austrian citizenship, resides in Germany, where he serves as the
Deputy State Secretary for Higher Education at the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Innovation Veronika Varga-Bajusz talked about the challenges of preserving the identity of Hungarians beyond the border. She
The collaboration between the Hungarian University and JASCO, focusing on pharmaceutical development, is in a promising area. The goal is for Hungary to become one of Europe’s top ten and
There is a myth, to be dispelled, that the Romans were always cruel conquerors. In truth, those who lived under the rule of the Caesars had plenty autonomy, be it
The survey, conducted by the Eötvös Lóránd University’s (ELTE) Psychology Institute, asked more than 700 scientists and researchers about their views and experiences regarding remote working during the pandemic.