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While Vitézy led for a long time, the mayoral elections ended up in Karácsony’s favour. Fidesz took the expected 11 Parliamentary seats.
‘Today, we must achieve what Prime Minister István Tisza could not: prevent Hungary from being drawn into another European war,’ Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stressed in his speech on
Facebook has deleted the recording of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech from public television’s page, with the absurd allegation that the video shared symbols associated with ‘dangerous’ individuals
Former US President Donald Trump, the current Republican presidential candidate, spoke about Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a recent interview, praising the latter’s pro-peace stance on the war in
‘The emerging multipolar, multicivilizational world still needs and will be grateful to have a strong, rational, reliable, and consistent Western civilization…But for that to happen, common sense will have to
After months of negotiations, it appears that a right-wing government may soon be established in the Netherlands. Although Geert Wilders will not serve as the head of government, Viktor Orbán’s
In his remarks at the inauguration of MOL’s new plant in Tiszaújváros, the Prime Minister emphasized that an important element of the Hungarian industrial strategy is to incentivize Hungarian companies
‘Democracy, as a concept, is inherently subject to interpretation and enforcement from within. This underscores the imperative: political disputes find resolution within domestic arenas and nowhere else, and unwavering loyalty
Weeks of farmers’ protests across Europe seem to have broken Brussels, with the European Commission making significant concessions to disgruntled farmers. However, quick symptomatic treatments will not resolve the deep-rooted
The right-wing parties of Portugal emerged strengthened from the Sunday early election in Portugal, with the Chega party, led by André Ventura, quadrupling its seats, and the centre-right Democratic Alliance