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After the three-day recount, it was confirmed that Karácsony received 371,538 votes, while Vitézy received 371,245.
‘These frustrated, single thirtysomethings, who were hit hard financially in the last two years, are angrier than ever about the government’s distribution of money to families. Of course, catering to
The analysts invited to assess the outcome of the EP and municipal elections noted that the result the ruling parties achieved on Sunday would likely have translated into a two-thirds
The highest number of voters was registered in London, with 2,148 voters, of whom 1,765 cast their votes, resulting in an 82.17 per cent turnout.
After a Vitézy lead until after midnight, Karácsony overtook and the results at 4 a.m. showed the closest election in the history of the city. Karácsony ended up winning by
While Vitézy led for a long time, the mayoral elections ended up in Karácsony’s favour. Fidesz took the expected 11 Parliamentary seats.