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‘The character of the educator is a fundamental determinant of the personal development of students, and in addition to professional knowledge, it has therefore been important throughout the centuries to
The recent visit of Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó to Brunei underscores Hungary’s strategic intent to strengthen its relationships with burgeoning economic regions, notably the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
László Kövér stated that the 20th century has shown Hungarians that a liveable future cannot be achieved in the battlefields. The future is in the homes being built and in
Jeremy Wayne Tate, founder and CEO of the Classic Learning Test, replied to a clip of a press conference shared by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in which he discusses his
The Hungarian Theatre Society (MTT) admitted the Szabadka National Theatre and the Viharsarok Dance Theatre into its ranks, increasing its membership to 90. The assembly approved the society’s 2023 balance
State Secretary for Innovation Balázs Hankó reiterated that the John von Neumann Programme focuses on three main areas: healthy living, digitalization, and green transition. The tender has been launched, and
According to former United States ambassador to Budapest David Cornstein, Donald Trump is the only person in the world who can bring an end to the Russo⁠–⁠Ukrainian war. Cornstein also
Speaking in Szolnok, State Secretary for Education Zoltán Maruzsa noted that notebooks are distributed at more than 3,000 distribution points not only in state institutions but also in church, minority,
Boldizsár Nagy told M1 that the competitors were given a predetermined topic: the protection of civilians in an armed conflict and the role of youth in matters of peace and
Conservatism is different in every nation, and so is approach to energy solutions. In this interview, Arvid Hallén, the founder of the only Swedish conservative think tank, Oikos, addresses these