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The idea to involve community police in the organized detection and elimination of illegal waste dumps arose because they are constantly present in the settlements, perform various tasks, such as
The Hungarian 4iG Group and German Rheinmetall will contribute to the digitalization of the defence forces by developing digital soldier, simulation and training systems in Hungary and in certain NATO
It could be argued that modern tools and methods are part of what shapes the outcome of war, but not the decisive factors, as they have not brought about the
‘This drone is the result of several years of development work and the cooperation of Hungarian engineers,’ Imre Porkoláb, Ministerial Commissioner for Defence Innovation underlined.
On the day of the performance, artists will only be able to bring in a small bag with them. This means security checks will be similar to those at airports,
The actor known for many as Luke Skywalker has been an adamant supporter of Ukraine’s war efforts since the conflict began. Earlier this week Hamill announced that he would soon