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Spencer Chretien was the guest of honour at the Center for Fundamental Rights’ latest event, where he talked about the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, aiming to help an incoming new
Professor Gottfried sat down for an insightful, two-hour discussion with host Meg Hansen of the Danube Institute, in which they covered topics such as the different branches of American conservatism,
The Heritage Foundation’s senior fellow shared his expertise and insight into how the race is shaping up between incumbent President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.
The fifteen-minute documentary focuses on the early challenges of Hungarian cinema history, including the flammability of nitro celluloid film reels, which resulted in numerous tragic fires during the silent film
The objective of the initiative is to promote Hungarian films, foster audience engagement, and enhance the cultural and community life of rural settlements, as announced by the institute on Wednesday.
Bóka explained that the timing of Sweden’s NATO membership ratification hinges on the pace and efficiency of trust-building between Hungary and Sweden, reassuring Hungarian parliamentary representatives who may have doubts
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán met with Marine Le Pen at the Carmelite Monastery in Budapest on Wednesday, to discuss, among other issues, the need for ‘a united and robust response’
In her remarks at the UN, the Hungarian President noted: ‘We know that peace can only become a real possibility when at least one party realized that the time for
In her remarks at the UN, the Hungarian President emphasized her intention to amplify the voices of those who endure war, recalling her recent visit to Ukraine. As her second
American political pundit Tucker Carlson sat down again for another interview. This time, they discussed the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, the national pride of Hungarians, the indictments against Former US President